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Sphere Handbook
Humanitarian Charter and Minimum Standards in Humanitarian Response.
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Child Protection Minimum Standards
The Child Protection Minimum Standards aim to ensure that measures to protect children are a central component of all humanitarian action.
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Livestock Emergency Guidelines and Standards
International guidelines and standards for designing, implementing, and evaluating livestock interventions to help people affected by humanitarian crises.
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Minimum Economic Recovery Standards
Technical assistance to be provided in promoting the recovery of economies and livelihoods affected by crisis.
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Minimum Standards for Education: Preparedness, Response, Recovery
Enhances the quality of educational preparedness, response and recovery, increase access to safe and relevant learning opportunities and ensure accountability in providing these services.
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Minimum Standard for Market Analysis
The MISMA establishes the standard that must be met in any market analysis exercise to ensure the quality of humanitarian response and associated contingency plans.
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News articles

Participate in the CPMS revision process!
The CPMS are being revised and updated.
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Revising the Sphere standards: What's next
A second draft of the revised Sphere Handbook will be ready for feedback in October.
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Education Sensitive to Conflict: One Reason to be Hopeful
Gustavo Payan shares his experience with Conflict Sensitive Education in Ciudad Juarez, Mexico.
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Training opportunities

Education in Emergencies Harmonized Training Package
Developed by INEE and the Education Cluster, the EiE harmonized training pack combines training materials from the original INEE MS, IIEP and the Front Line Responders training packages.
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Training of Trainers: CPMS and CPiE
Training of Trainers: Child Protection in Emergencies and Minimum Standards for Child Protection in Humanitarian Action
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